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S.S. Hospital & Research Institute,
Doctor's Colony, Kankarbagh,
Patna- 800020 (Bihar)

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Breast Cancer Foundation — India was constituted as an NGO in 1997 by professionals engaged in the research and treatment of Breast Cancer by promotion of health status of women in our country through a comprehensive strategy in Education and Awareness Promotion leading to objective evaluation of personal health.
The aims and objectives of the Foundation are:
1. To promote the health status of Indian women with special reference to Breast Cancer.
2. To develop a common strategy for creating an awareness in the community for the importance of Breast Self Examination (BSE) to down-stage the clinical presentation of Breast Cancer.
3. To recognise and enlist the risk factors for Breast Cancer with reference to Indian community.
4. To develop and determine a minimum programme for diagnosis of Breast Cancer.
5. To develop national guidelines for the management of Breast Cancer at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care levels.
6. To formulate recommendations for the development of reach to recovery programmes at various levels.
7. To plan, conduct and co-ordinate scientific research in Breast Cancer through multi- institutional, multi-disciplinary collaborative activities.
8. To associate with voluntary organizations for purposes of propagating the objectives to the General Public.
9. To generate awareness regarding Breast Cancer by holding symposia, seminars, conferences, camps etc.
10. To undertake various projects and activities as follows :-
To create awareness in the community for early detection of Breast Cancer.
To encourage establishment of support group.
To help in implementation of the minimum programme for diagnosis and management of Breast Cancer.
To develop Community outreach centers so as to promote Community Oncology in rural areas.
To undertake multi-institutional collaborative studies/clinical trials.
To organize periodical review meetings and consultations.
11. To publish a news bulletin regularly to improve the communication and provide information about the latest developments in scientific field, current topics of interest and activities of the Society and members.
12. To develop and organize research with the help and assistance of national and foreign collaborators engaged in Breast Cancer Research and management.