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S.S. Hospital & Research Institute,
Doctor's Colony, Kankarbagh,
Patna- 800020 (Bihar)

Phone:      +91 - 76777 97741
+91-8877999919 / 94310 21001

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Highlights of the Previous Conferences  
Year Conference No. Venue Org. Secretary
1997 1st Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
Consensus - A day dream or reality
Dr. M. K. Mahajan
1998 2nd Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital, Bhopal
Women’s health - future of the nation
Dr. B. Sanyal
1999 3rd All India Institute of medical Sciences, New Delhi
Early detection - The hallmark of Cure
Dr. G.K. Rath
2000 4th Bangalore Institute of Oncology, Bangalore
Fight Breast Cancer -Regardless
Dr. Ramesh Bilimagga
2001 5th Mahavir Cancer Sansthan, Patna
Breast Cancer Screening - Need of national health care
Dr. J. K. Singh
2002 6th Govt. Medical College, Goa
Rising trend of Breast Cancer - a challenge to Doctors
Dr. Shekhar Salkar
2003 7th Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimala
Reach to recovery
Dr. H. L. Kapoor
2004 8th Asian Institute of Oncology, Mumbai Dr. Sanjay Sharma
2005 9th Panda Medical Centre, Cuttack Dr. K. S. Panda
2006 10th Indo - American Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Hyderabad Dr. Mohan Vamsy
2007 11th Manipal Dr. M. S. Vidyasagar
2008 12th Guwahati Dr. A. Kataki
2009 13th Madurai Dr. G. Amarnath
2010 14th Lucknow Fight against Breast Cancer - Journey forward Dr. M. C. Pant
2011 15th Srinagar Dr. Mushtak Ahmed
2012 16th Kolkata Dr. G. S. Bhatacharyya
2012 17th Patna - View Details Dr. J. K. Singh
2013 17th Pune Dr. A. B. Ranade
2014 18th Kochi Dr. C. S. Madhu
2015 19th Ahmedabad Dr. R. K. Vyas
2016 20th Raipur Dr. Yusuf Menon
2017 21st Imphal, Manipur - Click for details Dr. Tomcha Singh
2018 22nd Faridabad (Delhi, NCR) - Click for details Dr. Sumant Gupta
2019 23nd Jabalpur Click for details Dr. Preeti Jain
The Breast Cancer Foundation – India is having a full team of office bearer and a group of trustee also who looks after all the activities throughout the year.
Founder Secretary General – Dr. M. K. Mahajan, Ludhiana
Past President – Dr. P. B. Desai, Mumbai/ Dr. B. Sanyal, Bhopal
Present President – Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Mumbai
Past Secretary – Dr. S. C. Sharma, Chandigarh
Present Hon. Secretary – Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh, Patna
The trust has been registered under the Income Tax Authorities. The trust has sanctioned grants for carrying on community work amongst college populations and worker Ms. Ruchika carried on a study in randomly selected rural and urban population in North India to determine the awareness about Breast Cancer and to highlight the necessity of cancer education. The study has been presented to ICMR under the students promotion programme.