Dear Colleague,

The undersigned take immense pleasure in welcoming you all to the 21st Annual Conference of Breast Cancer Foundation-India Organised by "Manipur Oncology Society, Imphal" being held in the naturally beautiful city of Imphal during 05-06 March, 2017.

Breast cancer is one of the most evolving disease in all parameters of its management. While the disease is the commonest malignancy in western females, it is also emerging to be the commonest in developing countries like India.

In the surgical management, while “Less is more”, which is meaningfully evidenced by the seamless transition from era of Halsted radical mastectomy to BCT, the fact has also percolated into the arena of radiation treatment in the way of APBI becoming more and more popular. Thereby retaining body image without compromising treatment results. The precision with modern radiation gadgets is razor sharp, treating only the necessary treatment volume, nothing beyond with body motion errors taken care of. The phenomenal understanding of the molecular biology has lead to adoption of target specific therapies, genomic landscaping giving clue to need of adjuvant therapies and NGS to deal with drug resistance.

It was the far-sightedness of BCF-India to have erected such a Foundation since 1997 on this very common malady afflicting our ladies and ever since annual meets were held in different parts of India. For this current year, Imphal will be playing host for this important congregation.

About host state:
Manipur is a little paradise on earth that nestles deep within a lush green corner of North East India. The landscape seems like an exquisite work of art executed by superb hands of Nature. The place is bestowed with hills, lakes and valley in a balancing proportion. Many used to describe the place as Switzerland of the East.

During time of the conference, the weather will be pleasant, temperature ranging 15-27 degrees. Only light woolen will be necessary. The 1st whole day will be devoted for active scientific deliberations and on the 2nd day, half day (Pre-lunch) will dwell on breast cancer awareness interactions involving School/ college girls, student nurses, cancer survivors, general public, media etc.

The undersigned once again welcome all the delegates to this land of exquisite beauty for a feast of scientific program, sightseeing and cultural extravaganza, which will be unprecedented.

Expecting to see you all with families in Imphal, we remain.

Thank you.

Dr. Tomcha Singh Th.
Organizing Chairman
Mobile No: 9436026996

Dr. Jitendra N.
Organizing Secretary
Mobile No: 7085927972